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Piano Keys

James Sodke Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Offering both virtual & in-person instruction!

Why take lessons? 

  • Memory Capacity: After receiving piano lessons, students spatial-temporal skills increased by 34%. ​

  • Mathematical Abilities: Studying music theory has been shown to have a positive correlation with math grades. ​

  • Discipline: Piano students learn to take responsibility for daily practice. This teaches perseverance and discipline. ​

  • Comprehension skills: Reading music involves a large amount of comprehension, increasing overall comprehension skills ​

  • Concentration: Piano students have high concentration skills because of the amount of focus needed while practicing and performing. ​

  • Confidence: Learning to overcome the anxiety that comes with performing fosters confidence in students. ​

  • Grit: Learning to play the piano takes many years and a tremendous amount of work. Studying the piano will help students to develop the grit it takes to get through many of life's challenges.​

      From the book "The Happiest Piano Teacher in Town" 

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