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Here's what students have to say:

"Not only did you teach me how to play the piano - you also showed me (by example) how to become a musician - as opposed to some kid who can play the piano. I am a musician. It's my life's work, and it defines me. If I haven't said it before... I'm saying it now... THANK YOU!"

Dave Kochanski
-Los Angeles based composer, Producer, and Musical Director. Keyboardist with The Rippingtons, Jeff Kashiwa and the Musical Director of American Idol tours.

"The rhythm team of Jim Sodke/piano, Larry Tresp/bass and Brian Ford/drums make for a great foundation for the solo excursions of Steve Lewandowski/guitar and Curt Hanrahan/sax-flute on this collection of originals. Sodke's Bluesy B3 gets funky for Hanrahan's tenor and Lewandowski's guitar... Sodke's piano creates a soft toned drive on Pastels... solid performance on all fronts."

LA Jazz Review

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