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Wooden Piano


Feel free to send any further questions to or use the contact form.

Studio Location

5227 Sandhill Rd, Racine (Caledonia) 53402

What is the age minimum you teach? Age maximum?

  • I typically recommend age 6

  • I teach a large number of adult students!

Studio Policies

  • Each thirty minute lesson costs $20 and should be paid monthly in advance, unless we agree otherwise. To ensure smooth bookkeeping, please make payments on the first day of each calendar month.

  • Makeup lessons will not be provided for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance. While makeup lessons at an alternative time are not guaranteed, they may be available occasionally. If you need a makeup lesson due to illnesses, weather, or transportation issues, we can conduct it online during your regular time using Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Alternatively, you can submit a video or audio recording for my feedback.

  • If you inform me of a planned absence with more than one week’s notice, it can be deducted from your tuition, but this option is limited to 5 times per year. After exceeding this limit, full monthly payment is required for any further absences.

  • If I cancel a lesson and a makeup lesson cannot be rescheduled, a credit will be given. This will not count as one of the five.

What should I have at home to practice?

A weighted action digital piano or regular piano. I have suggestions for both on this website and would be happy to advise you during a search or purchase.

First Lesson

  • Where do I park? Please park on the street along the fence surrounding the back yard, my family is often coming or leaving home.

  • Where do I enter? My studio is just inside the gate off the driveway.

  • When should I enter? I will likely have students before you, please wait until you see them leave or I come out to get you.

  • Can parents sit in? Of course! The first lesson is filled with anxiety, having a parent nearby can make the lesson less stressful. I do have have a waiting area, parents can hear everything behind a closed door, however most parents choose to wait in their cars.

  • What do I bring? All the books I asked you to purchase or have previously used.

  • Should I wear a mask? I do not require masking but respect those that choose to wear one. I wear a mask whenever I see a student or parent wearing one, I wish all to be comfortable with the choices we make.

  • Special note: there is not a bathroom in my studio. Please take off these needs before coming to a lesson. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What days are you available?

Currently I teach Monday through Saturday, additional time and days are added when needed.

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