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Student Recitals

Recital FAQ

Are Recitals mandatory? When am I ready?

No! Some students prefer not to perform for others and I respect that. I wish to have recitals be a positive experience and find that "forcing" the student to participate will be a negative experience and potentially cause them to stop wanting to learn piano.

Students are ready to perform after learning appropriate material and prepared and confident to perform for others.

What are recitals like?

Each recital is different, some are "come as you are" and "play your favorites and others more structured. Future recitals may be theme orientated with each selection part of a musical theme.

What do I play?

Each student will choose, after all they are the ones who will spend the time preparing the piece. Some choose favorites, others rely on my guidance. Future recitals may be theme based and material will be suggested by the teacher.

When and where are they held? What do they cost?

Recitals are typically held in May and December at the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Racine but subject to the availability of the building. Recitals do not incur additional fees, however purchases of additional music may be needed. Parents are encouraged to bring snacks for a post recital gathering. 

Fall 2023 Update: The next recital is December 3rd 2023!


Dec 2023
Recital Pictures

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